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Outlander PHEV

The Outlander PHEV Fuel Cost Calculator

How much could you save on your fuel bill?

With official NEDC fuel economy of 159 MPG (139 under new WLTP testing) and the potential for even better, the Outlander PHEV could revolutionise how you think about fuel costs.

Outlander PHEV EV range is 28 miles (WLTP), 35 miles (WLTP City Driving), 33 miles (NEDC Correlated).

Explore our simple calculator to discover how much you could save.

There's a perfect outlander for you

If you do a lot of longer journeys, you may find the Outlander diesel a better fit for your lifestyle.

Outlander Diesel

The Outlander diesel can be whatever you need it to be. It’s highly efficient diesel engine can take you further that you ever thought possible and its interior is feature-packed, refined and cavernous, so you can take just about anything you want with you.

  • High efficiency 2.2L diesel engine
  • Up to 7 Seats
  • Up to 700 miles range
  • 1,608 litre boot capacity
  • Fuel economy of up to 53.3 MPG

The Outlander PHEV Fuel Cost Calculator Explained

This calculator aims to show you what you could save with an Outlander PHEV. All figures are approximate and like any car, the fuel efficiency of the Outlander PHEV is effected by driving style and environmental conditions.

Outlander Petrol Fuel Economy

This figure is the mpg of the Outlander PHEV when using its petrol engine. Actual mpg using a combination of petrol and EV battery is likely to be much higher. The official figure for the Outlander PHEV is 159.5mpg (NEDC Weighted Average), 139mpg (WTLP).

Electricity Cost

This is how much your energy provider charges you for electricity, measured per kilowatt hour. You can find this figure on your electricity bill.

Electric Range

The number of miles the Outlander PHEV can travel using only its EV battery. Driving style and environmental conditions can affect the range. For example cold weather makes all batteries deplete faster and using climate control features like heating and air conditioning also have an impact. EV range is 28 miles (WLTP), 35 miles (WLTP City Driving), 33 miles (NEDC Correlated).

Charges per day

Most Outlander PHEV customers charge their cars overnight at home. However, many are also able to charge during the day at work, significantly increasing the EV range they can travel in a day.

Outlander PHEV badge and Congestion charge badge

Congestion Charge Exempt*

Good news for London drivers, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is exempt from the congestion charge.

* Congestion Charge application required, subject to administrative fee.
The 2015 National Travel Survey (the latest version) undertaken by the Department for Transport states that the average annual mileage in the UK is now 6,649 miles per annum, or 18.22 miles per day. This is less than the EV range of 28 miles (WLTP), 35 miles (WLTP City Driving), 33 miles (NEDC Correlated) which can be achieved by the Outlander PHEV. The average cost to charge the PHEV is £1.54 which is less than the average cost to drive 18.22 miles on petrol & diesel (£2.67). This charge cost is based on UK average electricity rate (£0.15 kWh) (VCA 2017 average fuel costs) charging Outlander PHEV battery up to 10 kWh - approx. cost £1.54 (June 2017). Outlander PHEV journey cost calculation assumes electric only usage. Calculations for the petrol and diesel fuel costs were obtained by using The petrol/diesel cost of £2.67 is based on a journey of 18.22 miles at 37.8mpg (average for diesel & petrol SUV segment) with a fuel cost of £1.22 per litre. The VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) figures shown are calculated using average CO2 emissions from the SUV segment for diesel & petrol vehicles (154.3 g/km). The Outlander PHEV VED values are based on a list price of less than £40,000.

*Official NEDC EU MPG test figure shown as a guide for comparative purposes and is based on the vehicle being charged from mains electricity. This may not reflect real driving results. Up to 33 mile (28 mile under new WLTP testing) EV range achieved with full battery charge. 532 mile total range achieved with combined full battery and petrol tank. Actual range will vary depending on driving style and road conditions. Outlander PHEV range fuel consumption in mpg (ltrs/100km): Full Battery Charge: no fuel used, Depleted Battery Charge: 50.4mpg (5.6), Weighted Average: 159.5mpg (1.8), CO2 emissions: 40.3 g/km.

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