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L200 Road trip route map

The L200 Series 5 Road Trip

The Travel Diary

The new L200 Series 5 is the best pick-up on the market, and to let the world know we took it on a little trip. We travelled across the globe for 18 days and 4267 miles. We trekked across two continents, conquering the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains, as we drove head-first into different cultures, met interesting locals and sampled some amazing cuisine.

This was our journey to show the world how it’s done with the Mitsubishi L200 Series 5.

Read the L200 Road Trip Diary
Best in class 4x4 system

Intelligent 4WD Ability

Conquer any terrain and drive in 4WD on any surface.

Best in class fuel economy

Impressive Fuel economy

Achieve over 700 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Best in class turning circle

Incredible Manoeuvrability

The most dynamic driving experience of any pick-up.

Best in class load capacity

Best in class Total Load Capacity

Carry more than any other vehicle in its class.

Best in class safety features

Comprehensive Safety Features

More safety equipment than any other pick-up.

Best in class emissions

Ultra Low Emissions

Lower CO2 emissions protect against VED rises.

L200 filmed at sunset

Portsmouth - St Malo

Early on the morning of July 5th 2015, we loaded up our gear into a pair of Series 5's and set off from Mitsubishi HQ in Cirencester, UK. Even piled high with equipment, the L200 Series 5 made light work of the 100 mile journey to Portsmouth, thanks to its best-in-class fuel economy and impressive performance and towing ability. Making use of both its 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive abilities, the L200 makes comfortable driving on wet roads and also gives fuel saving efficiency. We sailed overnight to St Malo, France to rest up for the night and ensure we were ready for the long and exciting journey ahead of us.

Road Trip route: Portsmouth to St Malo

St Malo - Viana do Castello

We couldn’t think of a more fitting location to show off the L200 Series 5’s green credentials than at one of Europe’s largest onshore wind-farms - the Alto Minho wind-farm in Viana do Castello, Portugal. With the lowest CO2 emissions of any pick-up truck ever, the L200 was right at home surrounded by these towering but elegant turbines. This also gave us the chance to show off its best-in-class fuel economy on the staggering 964 mile trip across France, Spain and into Portugal. We even managed to find time to stop in A Gudina, Spain to refuel ourselves by sampling some authentic local tapas!

Road Trip route: St Malo - Viana do Castello
L200 wind farm
L200 forest offroad

Agueda, Portugal

On our way through Portugal we visited a forest near Agueda to put the L200 Series 5’s world class 4WD system through its paces. The mud-plugging Series 5 tackled the earthy dirt tracks and rocky climbs found in the forest with ease, followed by exploring the impressive shores of Europe’s largest artificial lake and the Alqueva Dam, before we headed to the port in Algeciras.

Road Trip route: Aguedo, Portugal

Algeciras - Tangier

In Algeciras we picked up the last member of our crew, our Moroccan fixer, before boarding a ferry to Africa. After arriving in Morroco, we were held up in customs for a fun-filled six hours, where the interior comfort of the L200 was a real benefit! Once we managed to escape the airport, we were lucky to get an amazing glimpse into such a different culture. On the drive to our hotel in Tangier, even though it was nearly midnight the city was still full of life, from children playing in parks to late-night haggling with market traders. When we arrived at the hotel, the staff informed us that all the excitement was because of Ramadan. It was an amazing sight, watching a group of teenagers have a kick-a-round in the pitch black of night as if it was a Saturday afternoon.

Road Trip route: Algeciras - Tangier
L200 road trip team
L200 and Moroccan snake charmer

Marrakesh, Morocco

After leaving Tangier, we had over 350 miles ahead of us before we would reach the Moroccan capital of Marrakesh, via a little detour through Casablanca. We stopped outside Marrakesh for lunch and met a local farmer who needed a hand getting his watermelons to the market. With plenty of room left, thanks to the superior load capacity, we decided to give him a hand. Navigating through the treacherous Marrakesh traffic had the safety systems of the L200 Series 5 working over-time to avoid cars, mopeds, wagons, street merchants and pedestrians. We were told that traffic accidents in Marrakesh claim the lives of over eleven people and injure almost 200 more every day – almost double the casualty rate of the USA! When we weren’t busy dodging traffic in Marrakesh’s biggest obstacle course - its streets - we were taking in the wondeful vibrant atmosphere, complete with snake charmers.

Road Trip route: Algeciras - Tangier

Tizi N’Tichka, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

To test out the driving performance of the L200 Series 5 we headed to the highest road in the Atlas Mountains – Tizi N’Tichka. We found an abandoned football pitch nestled amongst the mountain trails and decided that it was the perfect chance to have a lot of fun (and test out the L200’s acceleration). On our way through to our hotel in Ouarzazate, we noticed a tourist bus that gone off the edge of the mountain pass a few days before, it certainly was a sobering moment for us all when we realised just how dangerous the rest of our journey would be.

Road Trip route: Algeciras - Tangier
L200 mountain road
L200 Road Trip Dades Gorge

Dades Gorge, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Nothing on our journey so far had prepared us for Dades Gorge, and it didn’t take too long to realise why Dades Gorge is regularly included amongst the 5 most dangerous roads in the world. The roads themselves weren’t in good condition, but what scared us more was the fact that the barriers winding alongside the road offered little to no protection as we drove inches from the edge of 1600 foot high drops. Fortunately, the L200 Series 5’s superb manoeuvrability handled the nigh-on impassable and winding roads well, as we wound back and forth along tight, hair-pin bends of the High Atlas Mountains. We had managed to battle through the manic traffic of Marrakesh and get pulses raising navigating the treacherous roads of Dades Gorge, but we all agreed it was worth it to see the breath taking views from atop the Atlas Mountains.

Road Trip route: Dades Gorge, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Erg Chebbi, Sahara Desert, Morocco

The L200 Series 5 not only brings a handful of best-in-class features to the table, but we are proud to say it also brings a level of comfort and luxury that was previously unheard of in the pick-up market. We were never more thankful of this than when we hit the 50 degree heat of the Sahara Desert – God bless air conditioning! At Erg Chebbi, you’ll find the largest sand dunes in North Africa, so here was the perfect place to show off the Mitsubishi’s Super Select 4WD system. We had so much fun jumping over sand dunes and racing around the desert pretending to be Indiana Jones that we were a little sad that we hadn’t bought a fedora or whip along to finish the look. We had to do with humming the theme tune instead!

L200 Road Trip Sahara
L200 conquers the Sahara desert
The L200 Series 5 road trip team

Morocco - Home

After more than two weeks of getting up at 3.30am to capture stunning sun-rises and fifteen hour drives, we were nearing the end of our road trip with the L200 Series 5. Pleased with the footage that we’d captured, and content that we’d shown the world why the L200 Series 5 is the best pick-up on the market, we only had one small thing left to worry about: the nearly 2,000 mile long journey back to Mitsubishi HQ.

But that’s a story for another time.

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