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Mitsubishi ASX

Crossover to Mitsubishi

The most versatile car on the planet

Mitsubishi ASX in town

What is a crossover car?

Crossover cars combine the features of traditional SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicle) with those of family hatchback models. The result is a car that’s practical, economical and versatile for both city driving, as well as off-road, in any weather. As the car’s designed for the city streets as well as country lanes, these vehicles are suitable to the demands of modern life and perfect for those families seeking adventure.

Benefits and features of a Mitsubishi Crossover Car

Excellent fuel economy

exceptional fuel ecomony

Mitsubishi ASX achieves excellent fuel economy and CO2 emissions compared to other cars of similar size. You can find out more about emissions under the vehicle specifications for the ASX.

Mitsubishi driving position

Elevated Driving Position

Another benefit of the SUV design is the raised position whilst driving. A commanding view of the road is yours with a Mitsubishi ASX crossover, giving you more reaction time and greater awareness of your surroundings.

Mitsubishi Outlander in city

High Ground Clearance

Mitsubishi Crossovers are capable off-road as well as on, which is why the ASX is designed with high ground clearance. For those looking for all-weather ability, 4WD models are available for the ASX.

Mitsubishi ASX infront of a stadium

Best of both worlds

SUV qualities have inspired the design of the ASX’s body, with its shoulder line curve, sculpted flanks and deep wheel arches. Coupled with the elevated driving position and spacious interior, the ASX commands the dynamic presence and versatility of an SUV, whilst retaining the handling and manoeuvrability of a compact car.

Unibody construction

Using the unibody construction typical of passenger vehicles instead of the body-on-frame platform used in light trucks and the original SUVs, the crossover car combines SUV design features such as tall interior packaging, high H-point seating, high centre of gravity, high ground-clearance or all-wheel-drive capability – with design features from an automobile such as a passenger vehicle's platform.

Drive modes

Mitsubishi Crossovers are capable off-road as well as on. 4WD models are available for both the ASX and Outlander.

4WD is optional on ASX

Driving position

The Mitsubishi ASX and Outlander both have high driving positions giving you greater awareness of your surroundings.

* Interior shown is from an Outlander GX4

Tall interiors

Mixing practicality with luxury the Mitsubishi ASX and Outlander have luxurious and spacious interiors that are suitable for any occasion.

* Interior shown is from an ASX 4 with Panoramic roof

  • Unibody construction
  • Drive modes
  • Driving position
  • Interior
Mitsubishi ASX front

Mitsubishi ASX

Our compact crossover car designed to be at home in the city and the countryside, available in 2WD and 4WD. Find out why the Mitsubishi ASX is so popular by booking a test drive.

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Mitsubishi Outlander front

Mitsubishi Outlander

The mid-sized crossover SUV is a fully capable 4WD luxury machine. Available in Diesel and the award-winning plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model with astonishing fuel economy and CO2 figures.

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