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L200 Series 3 - 1995

L200 Series 3 Mitsubishi

1995 was a year that witnessed the collapse of Barings Bank as a result of the catastrophic losses by rogue trader Nick Leeson and the world welcomed back James Bond to the big screen after a six year hiatus with the film Goldeneye starring Pierce Brosnan as the man himself. 1995 was also a key year for Mitsubishi Motors as production of the Series 3 L200 began in November at the Laem Chabang plant in Thailand.

The interior and exterior designs of the Series 3 L200 were fully revised to give a distinctive and cutting-edge look combining the toughness of a pick-up with the style of a passenger car. This new model was positioned as a roomy five seater that was comfortable and capable enough for both recreational and commercial uses, whilst retaining a roomy cargo area that was amongst the largest in class.

Power and off-road performance were improved with a 2.5-litre intercooled turbo diesel engine and featured “Easy Select 4WD.” The 4WD system featured a synchronized free-wheel front differential that allowed the driver to choose the most efficient drive mode for any road surface. Safety and equipment levels were also enhanced to match the expectations of buyers that were used to passenger car levels of comfort. Passive and active safety features such as ABS, driver-side airbag, anti-trap power windows, and high level brake lights.

The Series 3 L200 was sold in Thailand and also exported to Europe, Oceania, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Approximately 1,046,000 vehicles were produced.

Here in the UK, the Mitsubishi L200 led the double-cab boom of the late 90s with UK dedicated trim levels such as 4WORK and 4LIFE which truly underlined the original design ethos. Mitsubishi Motors in the UK then truly took the vehicle to the next level and went on to produce the popular ‘L200 Warrior’ and ‘L200 Animal’ models with the latter being a tie-in with the Animal clothing brand infamous with surfing. The Animal and Warrior both boasted high specification levels, leather interior, chrome bling, large wheels and decals giving the vehicles a real Tonka Toy look and feel. This struck a chord with the UK market and the Mitsubishi L200 has never looked back.

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