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AD: Konnie Huq: My Outlander PHEV

Konnie Huq Outlander PHEV

Greetings fellow PHEV drivers or fellow wannabe PHEV drivers!!!

This is my very first written offering to the good folk at Mitsubishi so I thought I’d start by telling you a bit about how I ended up driving a PHEV...

Now, if you are a tad confused as to what that even means, worry not... I was too until a couple of years ago! A PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. This means it can run it off your mains electricity via battery charging but you can also run it off petrol too and so you get the best of both worlds, but better still, you can end up saving LOADS of money in the process! Save the environment and a bit of dosh too!! WIN WIN!!

Now I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of an eco warrior but lord knows I don’t do enough about it, I don’t really think anyone of us do. My husband will tell you I’m very militant about recycling, HATE wastage and live a bit of ‘mend and make do’ lifestyle but there’s so much you can do and up until 5 years ago I had never even considered an electric car.

Many of us think that driving an electric car is risky, what if I run out of charge and am stuck?! The range is no way near as good as driving on petrol, etc etc... Luckily with a PHEV none of this is an issue but having driven electric for a while now I’ve realised that many of us can probably quite easily get by for the day to day stuff without using any petrol at all as most people’s day to day use doesn’t exceed more than 20 to 30 miles and charging up at night from home while you sleep means the next morning you’re ready and raring to go again!

Konnie Huq My Outlander PHEV Konnie Huq and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Anyhow so there I was back in 2014 driving my then petrol car when I was approached by the government to front a campaign encouraging electric driving. Obviously I couldn’t agree to do this without being an electric driver myself so that was when I made the switch. I have never looked back since!!

My first electric car was also a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (from another brand) but one that was totally impractical for a mother of two. The thing about most plug-in hybrids is they have been designed as petrol cars and then get converted to be hybrids which means the battery space eats into your boot space not good when you need to fit a double buggy in for example!! Although the car wasn’t right for me, (not only boot space wise but other impracticalities such as only two back seats and no central column so that the back doors couldn’t open unless you undid the seatbelts in the front!! - not my bag, maybe better as a city run around)... it did however give me the bug to drive electric from now on and so search for a family plug-in hybrid that would suit my needs began!

My techy husband relishes this sort of challenge and after combing through info and stats and websites and looking at all the other plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on offer we knew hands down that we needed a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. It was the only car of its kind on the market that had been designed as a hybrid and not converted hence brilliant boot space and it being pretty much superior in all our other criteria. Not to mention it was an SUV too!! Bonus!!This was it! The car we wanted. But would it deliver?!

Oh yes it would and beyond my expectations but more on that and why it’s so suited to me and my needs next time! Also find out why it’s so great for London living and a little bit about the extra benefits of PHEV driving. I hope this has been a little bit interesting to you and that you’ll read again next time...

Bye for now,

Konnie X


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