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HOW TO: Outlander PHEV Timed Heating

Outlander PHEV Timed Heating

The Outlander PHEV - saving you from shivering since 2014 with timed heating. If you weren’t aware of this nifty little feature you’re missing out! Believe us.

Here’s how to set your timed heating:

1.       Press ‘Timed Air Conditioning’ in the second menu page. We know this feels odd but stay with us on this one.

Outlander PHEV SDA System 

2.       Make sure ‘Heater’ is selected. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises by selecting the ‘Cooler’ option instead! Select edit.

Outlander Petrol Hybrid

3.       Pick which days you’d like it to run (might be worth consulting the weather first, we all know what the British weather is like).

Outlander PHEV Automatic Timed Heating Outlander Petrol Hybrid Timed Heater

4.       Pick your desired start time. So for example if you’re leaving for work at 7:30 set this to 7:10 if you want it to warm up for 20 minutes.

Outlander Petrol Hybrid Timed Heater Outlander PHEV Automatic Timed Heating

5.       Press ‘Set’ and don’t forget to select ‘On’ and hey presto you’ll have a toasty car waiting for you!

Top Tip: Remember you can also use this in summer to create a chilled car by selecting ‘Cooler’ instead. Thus making the dash from the door to the car that more enjoyable.

Please Note: This uses electric charge!

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