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The Mitsubishi Range


i-MiEV is the clever pure electric car from Mitsubishi. Not just a concept, the i-MiEV is available to test drive and own now. It even qualifies for the Government £5,000 Plug-In-Car-Grant. It can be charged overnight from a 13A household socket and could cost as little as £s;223 to drive 12,000 miles, if you use Economy 7. No road tax, no BIK company car tax, no congestion charge, free parking in many places and no tailpipe emissions.

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The Mirage first turned heads when it was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011, re-defining the standards for a compact passenger car. Taking the core tenets that define the very concept of a compact – efficiency, practicality and portability – the Mirage has been engineered from the tyres to the roof bars to be a car that could stand head and shoulders above the competition.

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Sharp, efficient design with driving dynamics that match, coupled with low CO2 emissions to help us protect the environment, the Mitsubishi ASX is a car that will deliver on every level.

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The Outlander is as good to drive as it is to live with, it can seat up to seven for the school run, or swallow a couple of mountain bikes whole, yet its footprint is smaller than that of most family estates. It comes with on demand all-wheel drive and is so fuel-efficient that even the latter provides returns on a par with those of an ordinary family saloon and emission levels are remarkably respectable for its size.

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Outlander PHEV

Introducing the Outlander PHEV The most advanced plug-in hybrid in the world.

  • Capable of more than 30 miles and over 60 MPH on EV power making for incredible MPG
  • Combining SUV convenience and 4WD capability to create a car without compromise
  • Unique twin motor full time 4WD system, complimented by a 2.0 petrol engine
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The Shogun is, and always has been, a 4x4 specifically designed to climb, to tow and to carry heavy loads; to plough through snow and negotiate rocks, clamber slippery slopes, wade water and navigate deep, clinging mud. No less than seventy percent of all new Shoguns are bought by former Shogun owners – perhaps you should find out why.

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The L200 is the most stunning, spacious, sophisticated, manoeuvrable, comfortable, car-like pick-up truck ever, no question. There's room in the back for a cart-load of kit and plenty of brawn for towing. Enough to tow 2,700kg.

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Future Models

At Mitsubishi we are constantly striving to deliver new innovations and concepts to the automotive experience. From the Global Small to the futuristic Concept XR-PHEV, Mitsubishi is always striving to bring better, cleaner, and more enjoyable motoring solutions.

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* Outlander PHEV prices include £5,000 plug-in car grant. Outlander PHEV range from £28,249 to £34,999