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  • Electric battery

    up to 100 EV range

  • Battery Warranty

    Battery Warranty

  • USB/Aux connectivity

    USB/Aux connection

  • vehicle duty

    £0 company car tax

Great reductions on i-MiEV

  • Panoramic roof

    Panoramic roof

  • Radio

    DAB radio

  • Head lights

    Xenon head lights

  • Satellite navigation

    Satellite navigation

  • Electric battery

    Up to 32 miles EV range

  • Road tax

    £0 road Tax

  • Seats

    5 seats

  • Hybrid Technology

    Plug-in hybrid

  • Engine

    3.2 litre engine

  • Bluetooth technology

    MMCS nav/audio

  • Super select 4WD

    Super Select 4WD

  • Towing

    3.5 tonne towing capacity

  • Super-Select 4WD

    Super Select 4WD

  • Towing

    3 tonne towing capacity

  • Turning circle

    Best turning circle

  • Engine

    175 BHP engine

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