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Spring Service Offers

Spring Savings on Genuine parts

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100% Genuine Parts

Mitsubishi genuine parts and accessories are the best way to protect your Mitsubishi. Each genuine part is designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance every time. Exactly the same as the day your car rolled off the production line.

And going genuine is surprisingly affordable, especially with these great spring offers available at all participating Mitsubishi authorised dealers.

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Pollen filter

10% Off pollen filters starting from £7.18

Your pollen filter shields you and your passengers from unpleasant allergies, while helping to keep your cabin fresh and irritant free. Make sure every journey remains pleasant and comfortable by changing your pollen filter regularly.


10% Off batteries starting from £47.80

Just consider how essential your car battery is. It is without a doubt the most important component in your car – it does not just start your car, it runs all the important ancillary systems too. So make sure your battery won’t let you down by insisting on a genuine Mitsubishi replacement battery.

Timing belt

10% Off timing belts starting from £35.38

The timing belt in your car is a crucial part of your vehicle’s engine, which requires replacing every 5 to 6 years, or sooner for high mileage drivers. Failure to replace it could result in total engine failure and a very expensive bill. Keep your piece of mind with a genuine Mitsubishi timing belt.


10% Off clutches starting from £119.20

Changing a clutch can be expensive, so sticking with a genuine Mitsubishi part for your car is a sensible decision. You know it has been designed and engineered for your car by the company who built it. Why take risks with inferior parts that could need changing more often and offer poorer performance – go for the original.

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