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Outlander PHEV

The revolutionary plug-in hybrid SUV

33 Mile Electric Range

33 Mile
electric range

Drive up to 33 miles on pure electric power, making shorter journeys cost pennies.

166 MPG

166 MPG*
fuel economy

166 MPG* is the official EU NEDC test figure. Achievable using EV and petrol.

9% Company car tax

9% BIK for
company cars

Just 9% Benefit in Kind tax for company car drivers in tax year 2017/18

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Ultra low co2 emissions

So low the Outlander PHEV is exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

*Official EU MPG test figure shown as a guide for comparative purposes and may not reflect real driving results. For more information on how the MPG is calculated visit our FAQ page.

Free Chargemaster Homecharger

Get a free Chargemaster Homecharger unit with your new Outlander PHEV and 3 months free access to the UK’s largest network of public chargers.

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The world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV

Explore the innovative features and game-changing technology of the Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV engine and drive train


Using twin electric motors and a highly efficient 2.0 litre petrol engine, the PHEV knows which to choose to match your driving, achieving superior fuel efficiency and optimised performance with a combined range of 542 miles.

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Commute for pennies


Capable of up to 33 miles in EV mode, the average commute can be driven solely on electricity, reducing the cost to you and the environment as well as producing combined emissions of only 41 CO2 g/km.

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Control at your fingertips


You choose how and when the battery is used based on your preference. Put the Outlander PHEV in pure EV mode, charge the battery or save the EV power for later.

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Everything you need to know, from the efficiency of your driving to the electric and petrol range is right there in front of you. You can even see the history of your recent journeys using the MMCS.

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Outlander PHEv driving through forest

Driving the Outlander PHEV

The Outlander PHEV offers a sublime driving experience and complete control over the advanced power systems that make it so efficient.

Seamlessly switching between three driving modes as conditions and your driving style change.

EV drive mode

EV power mode

Drive on pure electric power. Near-silent driving and no exhaust emissions.

Series drive mode

Series hybrid mode

The petrol engine charges the battery while the battery powers the wheels.

Parallel drive mode

Parallel hybrid mode

The petrol engine takes over for high speed motoring and steep hills.

Complete control at your fingertips

The innovative energy management of the Outlander PHEV can operate completely automatically, or manually adjusted to suit your journey.

4WD lock button

On demand 4 wheel drive

Just because the conditions get challenging doesn’t mean the driving should, whether it's bad weather or taking the trip off-road.

EV priority button

EV Priority mode

Engage Pure-EV mode and the Outlander PHEV will run solely on electricity until the battery is empty.

Charge and save button

Charge and save

Tell the petrol engine to charge the battery or save the battery charge for later.

Parking brake

Electronic parking brake

Ultra convenience and safety replaces the old style handbrake for effortless parking.

Regenerative braking paddle shifter

Regenerative braking

Capture the energy created from braking to charge the battery during normal driving. Adjust on the fly with steering wheel mounted paddles.

Full Entertainment

Full Entertainment

Control audio, navigation, phone calls and cruise control all without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Explore more Outlander PHEV key features

Outlander PHEV safety Technology

Click on one of the video titles below to learn more about the different PHEV safety technologies.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Auto High Beam

Automatic High Beam

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Blind Spot Warning

Blind Spot Warning

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV EV Priority Mode

EV Priority Mode

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV UMS

Ultrasonic Misacceleration system

Outlander PHEV exterior 360

Drag the scroll bar below to rotate the PHEV

Take an interactive tour of the Outlander PHEV interior

PHEV interior cabin