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Intelligent Motion

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Intelligent Models

The very essence of Intelligent Motion can be seen in the cars that embody it. From the all electric i-MiEV to the innovative Colt ClearTec and the brand new ASX, explore the cars that define Intelligent Motion.

Intelligent Models

Technology is at the forefront of what defines Intelligent Motion. From the energy saving Auto Stop & Go system to clean diesel engines and electric and hybrid engines. Mitsubishi lead the motor industry on intelligent technologies.

Intelligent Models

The principles of Intelligent Motion stretch far beyond what goes into our cars. To us, how we make them is just as important and the practices we employ and materials we use are designed to maximise efficiency and minimise waste intelligently.

Intelligent Models

We also do our best to practice what we preach. From simple things like motion activated lights and reducing our paper usage to our cycle to work scheme, we are striving to reduce our own carbon footprint.

Intelligent Models

It's not just in the products you buy and the services you use that your own environmental impact can be reduced. There are a huge number of ways we can all improve our carbon footprints in our own lives.

Intelligent Models

Explore the context for the Intelligent Motion initiative and why at Mitsubishi we consider it so important to make managing our environmental impact one of the key tenets of our organisation. Explore the meaning of Intelligent Motion.

intelligent [in·tel·i·juh·nt]
Adjective, meaning “to have a good understanding or a high mental capacity; characterized by quickness of understanding, sound thought, or good judgement.”

motion [moh·shuhn]
Noun, meaning “the power of movement in a specific direction, the action of changing place or position.”